Tokyo Balboa Weekend
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Tokyo Balboa Weekend Tokyo Balboa Weekend
Tokyo Balboa Weekend Jacob Wigger
Jacob started swing dancing in 2003 and has been hooked ever since.
Jacob discovered his love of Balboa in 2005 and began traveling to various events and competitions not much later. His first love is social dancing but he also enjoys competing as a way to set goals and push himself. As a teacher he enjoys using a mix of humorous analogies and serious instruction to create a fun and exciting learning environment.
Jacob has been teaching at national and international events for the last 15 years. He has honed his ability to break down and analyze the dance to make complex and dynamic movement happen with ease and comfort. He is known for his intricate, yet traditionally based, Pure Bal, as well as his unique shapes and movement in Bal Swing. He is also known for his continuous flow and effortless way of floating across the dance floor, while maintaining a highly rhythmic feel.
Jacob’s primary goal in all his partnerships has been to connect in a way that works for both him and his partner to find what they can create together. This has resulted in numerous placements and wins at all levels of competition, but more importantly, having ever-evolving social dances.

Tokyo Balboa Weekend Irina Amzashvili
Dancing in all forms has been a lifelong passion for Irina (she/her). In 2009, at the age of 15, she stumbled upon Swing dancing and it took only one night of social dancing for her to fall head over heels in love with it. Though Lindy Hop was her gateway into the world of Swing, Irina's passion quickly expanded to include Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and solo jazz. She owes her rapid progression in part to spending her formative years of dancing in Southern California, home to some of the best Swing dancers, teachers, and music in the world. Irina has since received numerous accolades from events such as Camp Hollywood, The International Lindy Hop Championships, and Lindy Focus and has taught these dances all across the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Australia. Additionally, she is honored to have been inducted into the Camp Hollywood Hall of Fame in 2019 and the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2022. Irina's teaching style can best be described as patient and encouraging. Her goal is to guide her students through building solid foundations while inspiring individuality in personal movement, as well as helping build confidence through dance.

Tokyo Balboa Weekend Class level will be intermediate or higher.
Each class starts with the basics and gradually progresses to a more challenging level by the end of the class.

Tokyo Balboa Weekend workshops / 3 classes
time (approximately)

12:20-12:40 / registration

12:40-13:50 / 1st class : Toss Out Clinic
The toss out is a foundational move with lots of tricky, moving parts. We’ll workshop each of those parts so your toss outs are more efficient and connected

14:00-15:10 / 2nd class : Out and In Transitions
Let’s dive into the vast world of out and ins. This class will be about refining your out and in technique and exploring some of the many variations available to you.

15:20-16:30 / 3rd class : Following the Follower
Embrace the importance of responsive leading and following. We’ll share some of our favorite ways followers can reshape the dance while leaders work on reacting, creating new outcomes together.

venue : Kamimeguro Juku Kaigishitsu Recreation Hall B1F
5 minutes on foot from Yutenji station. (Tokyu-Toyoko line )

Tokyo Balboa Weekend

*Schedule is subject to change

Tokyo Balboa Weekend workshops / 3 classes

time (approximately)
12:00-12:20 / registration

12:20-13:30 / 1st class : Pure Balboa Variations
Learn about the variety of options available in Pure Balboa while keeping the shuffle. We’ll explore rhythm variation and direction options that will help you feel musical without having to break into bal-swing.

13:40-14:50 / 2nd class : Momentum and Redirection
Momentum and redirection are important tools in creating a dance with great feel and flow. We’ll introduce ways to keep the flow going while doing interesting movement.

15:00-16:10 / 3rd class : Cool Combos
Ever have difficulty executing a combo the way you want to? Learn a fun combo or two from us and the keys to coming up with your own.

venue : Higashiyama Juku kaigishitu Recreation Hall
7 minutes on foot from Ikejiriohashi station. (Denen Toshi line )

Tokyo Balboa Weekend

*Schedule is subject to change

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