Tokyo Balboa Weekend
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Tokyo Balboa Weekend Tokyo Balboa Weekend
Tokyo Balboa Weekend Tokyo Balboa Weekend Tokyo Balboa Weekend Registration process
Please register by email as described below.
We will reply with the payment method. Please submit payment within a week of receiving our reply, and inform us by email when completed.
As soon as we confirm your payment, we will email you your registration number.
Please tell your name and number each time at class & party.
We welcome dancers from outside Japan!

Please submit one registration per person.
The workshop is for intermediate and above dancers.
Please indicate in your registration if you want to compete in the Mix & Match. (Preliminaries are on Friday, Finals are on Saturday)
*If there are a large number of applications, priority will be given to those with a pass.

To register, fill in the following items and email us at

1. Your name
2. Lead or follow ?
3. Ticket type
4. City & Country
5. Will you compete in the Mix & Match ? (Applications for followers have closed)
6. Do you want to join after party on Dec10th ?

If you have any questions, please email us at "". Thank you!


1. お名前
2. リーダーかフォロワーか。
3. チケットタイプ
4. どちらの都市から参加されるのか。
5. Mix & Matchに参加しますか?(申込多数の場合、パスをお持ちの方を優先します。フォロワーは締切ました。)



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