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mood for swing

Regarding Corona measures
Wearing a mask is up to you.
Drinking alcohol is prohibited at these venues. Fukasawa Kumin Center, Meguro Persimmon Hall.

mood for swing mood for swing
time : 17:50-21:20
venue : Fukasawa Kumin Center
Fukasawa Fudou mae ( Take "82" Tokyu bus from Shibuya station)

live : Gentle Forest Friends
performance : Ari & Simon
competition : MIX & MATCH preliminary
(Competitors must come to the venue at 17:40.)
at door : 3500yen
mood for swing

mood for swing mood for swing
time : 18:30-21:20
party venue : Meguro Persimmon Small Hall
live : Asia Golden Swing Quartet with Susumu Takeda on vibraphone
performance : Ari & Simon's social demo with the band
competition : one minute showcase, MIX & MATCH finals
price : 3500yen

mood for swing mood for swing
time : 13:30-17:00
venue : Fukasawa Kumin Center
live : JIVE at FIVE
competition : solo jazz
at door : 3000yen

mood for swing after party ( It's not Mood for Swing 2023 )
Rev-up ! ( Amore is spinning his favorite vinyls ! )
venue : 440 Shimokitazawa (5 minutes from Shimokitazawa station )
time : 18:00-23:00

bands : Clap Stomp Swingin' from Osaka, Tiny Song Show and Gypsy Vagabonz
djs : Seikou, Raw-Hide and Amore
advance : 2800yen(+1drink), door : 3300yen(+1drink)

*about reservation
Please email to "" for reservation.
We'll put your name on the advanced ticket list. Please tell your name at the entrance and pay adanced price at the door.


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