2-day workshops & 3-night parties !

solo jazz weekend
solo jazz weekend
No late night parties this time.

danced at Camp Swing It in South Korea.

solo jazz weekend
We're sorry that workshop ticket for followrs are already sold out.
But we still accept learder's registtation.

Please fill in the required items and email us : lindyhop@swing-jack.com

1. Your name & the city you're living(お名前とお住まいの都市)

2. Leader or Follower

3. Ticket Type

●2days workshop pass ( 3 classes a day, total 6 classes )
20000yen (~10/31 tue )
24000yen ( 11/1 wed ~ )

●1day workshop pass ( each day 3 classes )
12000yen (~10/31 tue )
14000yen ( 11/1 wed ~ )

To visitors from abroad, please pay by paypal in advance.
We don't have party pass this time, so please pay at the door with each party.
If you need an advanced ticket for Swing Jack, plese email us at lindyhop@swing-jack.com. thank you.


solo jazz weekend
solo jazz weekend
Please email us at "lindyhop@swing-jack.com" for the competition !
We'll have " The Battle" competition on Sunday !
Anybody can join it !

最終日にThe Battleを開催致します。
The Battleは予選〜ファイナルという流れで、 予選では、1分半ほどの曲をパートナーを変えて3曲踊ってもらいます。
そのなかでファイナルに残るダンサーがパートナーでなく 個別にピックアップされていきます。

ファイナルでは、クジなどで最後まで競うペアが決められ 赤組、青組(仮)にわけられます。
その場で勝敗を決めていく トーナメント形式のコンペティションです。

solo jazz weekend
solo jazz weekend
12/1 Friday
time : 18:30~21:30
venue : Ikejiri Kumin Shukaijo ( please bring dance indoor shoes with you )
fee : 1500yen ( all ages / no alcohol at this venue )
solo jazz weekend

solo jazz weekend
12/2 Saturday
time : 19:00~23:00
free dance lesson : 19:10~20:00 / dance time : 20:00~23:00
venue : Saravah Tokyo
fee : adv/2600yen ( with 1 drink ), door/3100yen ( with 1 drink )
Please email us at " lindyhop@swing-jack.com" for the advanced ticket.
live : Little Jive Boys, djs : Amore, Gasi & Hide ( swing kids )
performance with the band !

solo jazz weekend

solo jazz weekend
12/3 Sunday
time : 18:10~21:30
venue : Fujimi Kaikan
fee : 2000yen ( you can bring snacks & drinks, but please bring these trashes with you )
live : Hajime Kobayashi ( piano solo )
The Battle : preliminary 18:30~ ( competitors, be the venue at 18:00 )

dance performance
music selection by Amore

solo jazz weekend

solo jazz weekend
solo jazz weekend
●Ikejiri Kumin Syukaijo / 池尻区民集会所 (7minutes on foot from Ikejiri Ohashi station)

solo jazz weekend
●Saravah Tokyo / サラヴァ東京 ( 5minutes on foot from Shibuya station )

solo jazz weekend
●Nakameguro Square / 中目黒スクエア2階
solo jazz weekend

solo jazz weekend
●Fujimi Kaikan / 冨士見会館

We'll upload details on facebook page. Please check it out !

Please visit our "Swing Gigolo" official page.


update : 2017, 10.19

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