2-day workshop & 2-night parties !

アンソニーはソルトレイクのSalt City Swingの創設者であり、アメリカで数々のコンペで入賞している、

Camp Hollywood 2018 - Open Showcase - Irina Amzashvili & Anthony Chen

solo jazz weekend

3.2(sat) 13:00 - 17:00
場所:Ikejiri Kumin Syukaijo / 池尻区民集会所

class description
1) Sharpening your Swing Out:
We're starting out with tuning up what we all love the most. We could spend years on this, but we'll just work on it for an hour, so we can build on a strong foundation from here on out!
2) Triples, Turns, and Tricks pt. 1:
An exploration of different levels of rotational energy in strange new places. Learn to listen more to your partner, and see where this exciting journey can take you!
3) Triples, Turns, and Tricks pt. 2:
Here we're going deeper into the concepts that we covered before―but we're going to take advantage of everything you've learned so far and build upon it.

3.3 (sun) workshop
場所:野沢区民集会所・第1&第2 田園都市線、駒沢大学駅より徒歩9分。246と環七交差点のスーパーおおぜき2階。

class description
1) Sugar pushin':
One of the most satisfying moves when done well, and not very common. We'll first focus on getting this done right, and then add some stylin' variations sure to sweeten up your dance!
2) Momentum Redirection
Momentum is one of our favorite themes to play with, and it's a big one. We'll start with some common concepts and start moving you in a lot of different directions.
3) Next Level Connection
Ever wonder about how partners in social dance competitions end up doing something crazy together? Here we'll be working on how to create these magical moments, so you too can seize these opportunities in all your dances!

solo jazz weekend
3.1 (fri) / 18:30 - 21:30
Welcome social night / dance to dj music
solo jazz weekend
venue : Ikejiri Kumin Syukaijo
fee : 1500yen ( door only, anybody can join )
need room shoes, no alcohole.

3.2 (sat) & 3.3 (sun)
time : 18:10~21:30
venue : Fujimi Kaikan
fee : 2000yen ( you can bring snacks & drinks, but please bring these trashes with you )
instructor's performance

solo jazz weekend

solo jazz weekend


応募者が多数の場合は、24時間以内にお申し込みの方で"2week pass"をお申し込みいただいた方を

●workshop pass(3 classes a day total 6classes・parties are not included )
18000yen(〜2/4までにお申し込みの場合)/ US$160 (〜2/4, for visitors from abroad )
20000yen(2/4以降にお申し込みの場合)/ US$180 ( 2/5〜, for visitors from abroad )

●one day pass( 3 classes・party is not included )
10000yen(〜2/4までにお申し込みの場合)/ US$90 (〜2/4, for visitors from abroad )
12000yen(2/4以降にお申し込みの場合)/ US$100 ( 2/5〜, for visitors from abroad )

●2 weeks pass (Anthony & Irina, Nils & Bianca,2週連続のWSパスです・パーティーは別料金になります)

You don't need to make a registration for parties, please just come and pay at the door.

Please fill in the required items and email us : workshop@swing-jack.com

1. Your name & the city you're living(お名前とお住まいの都市)

2. Leader or Follower

3. Ticket Type & select workshop ( Anthony & Irina, Nils & Bianca or both )

To visitors from abroad, please pay by paypal in advance.
We don't have party pass this time, so please pay at the door with each party.

solo jazz weekend

We'll upload details on facebook page. Please check it out !

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Please visit our "Swing Gigolo" official page.


update : 2019, 2.15

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